Swiftsure Spatial Systems

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Swiftsure Spatial Systems Inc. is an information management consulting firm whose focus is on converting business and technology requirements into concrete designs and plans.  We help stakeholders define a common view of their goals, and turn those goals into a technical design. 

Swiftsure lays the groundwork for clients to deploy information systems that manage all their data–including spatial, spatial change, historical, and multi-temporal–in a unified and secure environment.

Swiftsure's specialty is businesses with strong spatial or temporal information requirements.  These types of information can require special treatment in data and process models.  Our experience with a wide array of such business needs translates into a strong understanding of the techniques that are most effective for a particular purpose.

Swiftsure has been involved in the design, harmonization, and demonstration of spatial standards both within Canada and internationally. To this end, Swiftsure offers the following consulting services:

  • Requirements analysis 
  • Systems analysis 
  • Data model design 
  • Functional design 
  • System architecture design 
  • Test design and documentation 
  • Workshops and tutorials